How to update your existing

Автор: | 24 сентября, 2018

How to Update Your Existing Website Without Code npm init

As a truly developer, Im spending my Friday night in a glorious way: starting to write this post while I wait my application to deploy. Yeah, turning coffee into bytes has been my thing for a long time and I cant see myself not coding in the future. From landing pages and hotsites for large agencies to scalable applications split into microservices, Ive been constantly eager to learn more and theres been always a lot tolearn.When I was developing websites and landing pages at work, I always ended up searching for new CMS platforms that could do the boring part faster. In fact, the first start-up Ive worked for used to sell Wildfire, a platform for social media that was later acquired by Google (and killed by them too). Wildfire was a social media platform that had a very limited built-in CMS for landing pages and every time I had to change anything there, it was a nightmare.The same happened with any other platform we tried, we always came to a point where we had to build some specific feature that that platform didnt support and ended up building the whole thing from scratch. WordPress and Drupal were never feasible options as I didnt have time to learn php (neither wanted to be honest). After several trials, I was convinced that plain code is always the way to go when building websites.Since the majority of the work at that time was for marketing agencies, we used to build social integrations in a daily basis (Facebook login, Facebook share, Facebook notifications, Twitter DMs, Twitter tweet Stream, etc) and loved the way they easily integrate with any page through their async scripttags.With that in mind I created Storm-up (), a platform to make any existing website editable, no matter what was used to build it. If you already have your website and need to update that image for a better one and your developer left you in the dark and doesnt answer your emails anymore, or if you need to add a new post to your news page, Storm-up will definitely save your day. To set it up, just add our script tag (just like Google Analytics) on your page and every content will become editable:Ok, so you built anotherWix.Kind of. Imagine that you could take features from Wix Thats exactly what Storm-up does. No need to waste time and money on re-building it just because you want to change content. Also, you dont need to write your website in a specific language nor changing your code in any ways in order to make it work. If you ever need to make a huge integration with complex systems, no worries, it is still the your code afterall.1-minute setupYou probably have setup Google Analytics at least once in your life, right? If so, you already know how easy it is to setup Storm-up either. You just need to sign up for an account and paste our script tag on your website. Thats it. Our script will read your page looking for editable content and make them available for you simply by clicking on them after you login.No back-endneededIf youve ever had your website in any WordPress-like platform, you know that its required to have a server up and running along with a database, no matter how small your website is. Yeah I think thats overkill too. Many companies websites doesnt have anything but text, images and a contact form, right? Thats another point to Storm-up. Youll be able to change any content and doesnt need to have any back-end We take care of all that for you. You can even make your website static (reducing ~50% of the projects time upWhether youre an entrepreneur trying to update your own website or a developer Go to our website, play around with the demo, send any questions!PS: Were submitting this project to 500 Startups, wish usluck!How to Update Your Existing Website Without Code npm init was originally published in codeburst on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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